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Explore our range of courses tailored to meet the unique needs of Muslim families, providing invaluable insights and practical tools to raise righteous children in accordance with Islamic teachings.

Foundations of Islamic Parenting For Every Mother
One Time
  • Understanding Islamic Parenting Principles
  • Nurturing a Child’s Faith: Practical Tips
  • Effective Communication in Parent-Child Relationships
  • Disciplining with Love and Compassion
  • Cultivating Emotional Intelligence in Children
  • Building Strong Family Bonds through Islamic Values
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Parenting with Purpose & Vision For enterprises
One Time
  • Importance of Character Development in Children
  • Teaching Islamic Ethics and Morals to Children
  • Cultivating Gratitude and Empathy in Children
  • Nurturing Resilience and Perseverance in Times of Difficulty
  • Instilling Responsibility and Accountability in Children
  • Fostering a Growth Mindset in Children
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Course Offerings:

Foundations of Islamic Parenting

  • Price: $35
  • Benefits:
    • Gain a solid foundation in Islamic parenting principles.
    • Develop practical skills to nurture your child’s faith and spirituality.
    • Strengthen communication and bond with your child.
    • Learn effective disciplinary methods based on love and compassion.
    • Foster emotional intelligence and resilience in your children.
    • Build a harmonious family environment grounded in Islamic values.

Raising Rhteous Children in a Digital Age

  • Price: $45
  • Benefits:
    • Equip yourself with strategies to navigate the digital challenges of modern parenting.
    • Learn how to set healthy boundaries and manage screen time effectively.
    • Discover ways to incorporate Islamic values into your children’s online interactions.
    • Gain insights into addressing cyberbullying and ensuring online safety for your children.
    • Foster critical thinking skills to help your children navigate the digital landscape responsibly.
    • Create a balanced approach to technology use, encouraging outdoor and offline activities.

Parenting with Purpose: Cultivating Character and Values

  • Price: $55
  • Benefits:
    • Deepen your understanding of character development and its significance in raising children.
    • Learn practical strategies for teaching Islamic ethics and morals to your children.
    • Cultivate gratitude, empathy, resilience, and perseverance in your children.
    • Instill values of responsibility and accountability, shaping them into conscientious individuals.
    • Foster a growth mindset in your children, empowering them to embrace challenges and strive for growth.
    • Create a nurturing environment where your children thrive morally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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